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LERC Owned Properties

LERC owns 12 properties totaling 220 acres (not all properties shown).  Hunting is allowed on certain properties--click here for details.

Click on the photos below to expand each image map.

West Road Property

This 47-acre property was purchased by LERC in 2008 using grant money from DCNR and PFBC.  It straddles Elk Creek and allows great access to fishing.  It has a field with trees planted by LERC and trails leading down to the creek.  The property on the other side of the creek is a beautiful natural wooded setting.

Peffer Road Property

This 46-acre property was acquired in 2010 and is adjacent to McKean Township property  both of which are part of a master trail system plan as approved by the township.  It is bounded by Elk Creek and will have access points for fishing, trails for walking, and overlook points for viewing the geographic features within.

Shannon Rd Conservation Area

42 acres of woodlands In Harborcreek Township, PA.

Lake City Conservation Area

This 30-acre property is owned by LERC acquired in 2012 and is an unimproved piece of dense wilderness.  It was originally planned for a development but instead donated to LERC.  

Wilkins Run Property

This 18-acre property sits hidden away off of Route 5 just northwest of the Erie airport around Wilkins Run.  It was donated in 2011 by the developer of an adjacent subdivision.

East Side Forest

This 5-acre property was donated to LERC in 2005 and sits next to the railroad tracks by the east side bayfront highway.  It is accessible from Page Street, which is connected to East 36th and Zimmerman,  LERC created a sustainable forestry plan for the property to ensure healthy forest growth for the future.

Water Street Access Area

This 2.8-acre property off of Fourmile creek was transferred to LERC in 2012.  THE PFBC purchased a fishing easement on this property in 2015. 

Game Lands 314

Game Lands 314 parking area--This is the entrance to the gamelands.

Gilmore Farm (Beckman Rd) 

This 180-acre property was acquired in 2019 and was transferred to the PFBC in 2020.  

Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 12.52.40 PM.png

There are 6 easements totaling 171 acres held by LERC. 

Five of the easements are on private properties in Fairview, Harborcreek, and Greenfield  


The 6th easement is at the Battles Farm in Girard Borough and Township and

is open to the public.

Assisted Acquisitions - LERC has assisted with the transfer of 9 properties to state agencies and local municipalities totaling 1,346 acres.  The most significant of these are:


Lake Erie Bluffs

Originally 540 acres along the Lake Erie shoreline, this truly stunning piece of property was what inspired the creation of Lake Erie Region Conservancy.  LERC helped bring together the parties that eventually turned this property into a Pennsylvania state park, which now includes the mouth of Elk Creek for a total of 621 acres of beautiful woods boasting an important and unique ecology for this area.


Avonia Beach Park

LERC helped facilitate the purchase of this lakefront property in Fairview Township


Game Lands 314

LERC applied to and received funding from eight separate sources in order to acquire this 85.1 acre tract from the Jenks family.  It was transferred to the PA Game Commission and is now part of Game Lands 314


Erie Golf Club

LERC went to court to prevent this 175 acre golf course with over 2,000 feet bordering Walnut Creek from becoming another subdivision.  It is now owned by Millcreek Township.


Gilmore Farm (part)

This 179.8 acre tract of land located on Beckman Road in Girard Township includes an amazing 6,325 ft. stretch of the Elk Creek gorge.  LERC acquired this property in December 2019 using PFBC and PA DCNR funding.  The property was transferred to the PFBC.


Battles Farm

LERC acquired a 84.5 acre conservation easement on part of the historic Battles Farm trust property working with the Hagen History Center.  The easement was recorded on 07-09-20.

Major Accomplishments


Battles Farm
Girard Borough and Township

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