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Hunting Policy

It is imperative that hunters pay special attention to safety zones, and be courteous and respectful of other users. 

LERC Hunting Policy

Most Lake Erie Region Conservancy (LERC) properties are located in residential settings and are of insufficient size to permit responsible hunting.  However, three LERC properties have been deemed suitable for hunting under certain conditions and restrictions.  All hunters using these approved properties must comply with all Pennsylvania and Federal game laws and regulations.


The use of portable tree stands is permitted, however they must be conspicuously marked with a durable and legible identification tag that includes the hunter’s first and last name, and legal address.  The hunter cannot cause damage to a tree or other property while erecting, using or removing a tree stand.  Tree stands must be removed each day.


In order to be good neighbors and foster positive relationships with nearby residents, it is imperative that hunters pay special attention to safety zones, and be courteous and respectful of other users.  LERC encourages the public to pursue clean outdoor activities on its properties throughout the year, therefore no one should expect that they will be the sole user.  LERC requests all entrails from harvested animals be removed from well used trails and covered with natural debris.  Please help LERC keep its properties clean by following the pack-it-in/pack-it-out motto.

The 3 properties open to hunting are:

• West Road (ARCHERY ONLY)

• Peffer Road 

• Shannon Road (ARCHERY ONLY)


Peffer Road Property

This 46-acre property was acquired in 2010 and is adjacent to McKean Township property  both of which are part of a master trail system plan as approved by the township.  It is bounded by Elk Creek and will have access points for fishing, trails for walking, and overlook points for viewing the geographic features within.


West Road Property

This 47-acre property was purchased by LERC in 2008 using grant money from DCNR and PFBC.  It straddles Elk Creek and allows great access to fishing.  It has a field with trees planted by LERC and trails leading down to the creek.  The property on the other side of the creek is a beautiful natural wooded setting.


Shannon Road Conservation Area

This 42 acre woodlands is located in In Harborcreek Township, PA.

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